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How We Do It

<strong>Relationships Built On Communication</strong>

Relationships Built On Communication

Communication is vital to your success, that is why we maintain the highest level of communication with you through frequent meetings, either in person or through web conferencing, regularly scheduled phone calls, quarterly goals-based performance reports, and events designed to educate and inspire you to achieve the goals you’ve set.

<strong>Behavioral Coaching</strong>

Behavioral Coaching

Money is emotional and when people make emotional decisions they often result in negative outcomes. Much of the work we do is designed to help you overcome the emotional drive to do the wrong thing at the wrong time. We have found that financial success is not based on making the best long-term decision, but rather by making a series of good short-term decisions throughout your financial life. We are your accountability partner, helping you stay on track and ensuring that you achieve your long-term goals.

How do we do this? It all starts with communication.

Our Three Meeting Process

Meeting 1: Discovery

We learn about you and your story so we can understand your WHY, where you are today, your goals, dreams, and values, your financial struggles (everyone has them), and the things that keep you up at night. We want you to get to know us too. We encourage you to ask questions, no matter what they are. We know that our clients deserve to know OUR WHY, just like we know yours.

Our Homework: Analyze and Plan

Between your first and second appointment, we analyze your current overall investment and wealth situation, define the prioritization of goals, and put your investments through the 2000 Acid Test. As a result of this research, we will share the customized plan we have built for you to help you save, grow, and protect your wealth.

Meeting 2: Design

Now it’s time for us to share the plan we designed with you. Your plan will outline the sequence of your goals and the recommended course of action to achieve them. Next, we share the reasons behind our recommendations for you and how each of them will help you achieve your goals.

In this meeting, we encourage you to share your thoughts about the course of these plans, as well as provide any concerns that you might have. Keep in mind The Plan is only as good as the information that you provided to us in the Discovery Meeting. Providing as much information as possible ensures that we provide you with the highest quality plan and the greatest opportunity for success.

Our Homework: Implementation

We will begin implementing the plan by opening the necessary accounts and providing documentation needed to strategically position your assets according to the plan design.

Meeting 3: Deployment

After implementation, we meet again to go over the initial progress and provide you with a status update on the work we are doing. We will work with you to set your future meeting schedule with us and start the tasks assigned to your primary goal.

Our Homework: Execute and Adjust The Plan

 We know that wealth is not built overnight. The ability to make sound short term financial decisions will set you on a path to achieve your financial goals. Unlike other advisors we work to improve the way you think about wealth, so that over time your ability to make financial decisions that lead to wealth becomes second nature.


We will make recommendations and bring up ideas that you may have never thought of before. One of our favorite sayings is: you don’t know what questions to ask until you are forced to ask it. We assist you in learning what questions to ask and over your lifetime we will work to adjust the financial plan to account for changes you may experience.

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