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Josh Eakman

Josh Eakman

Client Service Associate

Josh Eakman is a dedicated Client Service Associate with a passion for providing top-notch assistance to clients. With a background rooted in both military service and finance, Josh brings a unique blend of discipline, problem-solving skills, and financial acumen to his role.

Having served for six years in the army, including one deployment, Josh developed a deep sense of commitment, teamwork, and resilience. These invaluable traits continue to shape his approach to client service, ensuring reliability and effectiveness in every interaction.

Outside of work, Josh is an avid enthusiast of outdoor activities. Whether snowboarding or exploring scenic trails, his love for adventure and the outdoors fuels his spirit. Josh's interests extend to the world of cars, where he finds joy in tinkering, exploring new technologies, and attending automotive events.

With three years of experience in the finance industry, Josh combines his military background with his financial expertise to deliver exceptional service and support to clients. He understands the importance of clear communication, attention to detail, and personalized solutions in meeting client needs and exceeding expectations.